Mission Statement & Company Values
  • 15 Apr 2020
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Mission Statement & Company Values

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We equip and inspire people on their personal journey with Jesus by offering the largest range of Bible and Christian resources in the world with locations in shopping malls, churches, online or wherever needed.

Customer Service

Customers are important to us, so we strive to provide helpful, professional and friendly service to all people, based on Christian love.


We maintain a standard of excellence in all that we do each day, each person working with honesty and integrity to provide a large range of high quality Christian resources at competitive prices.

Working Together

We are many people working together in a spirit of teamwork as we partner with churches, colleges, bookshops and suppliers on a basis of mutual trust and integrity.

Positive Attitudes

We look for people who serve in a positive manner: those who look at what can be done and who don’t find obstacles or blame others.

Servant Hearts

We seek to follow the lead of Jesus Christ and demonstrate a servant heart in all we do.

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