General FAQ
  • 25 Jan 2019
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General FAQ

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What does Koorong mean?

Koorong began over 40 years ago in the garage of the Koorong Street home of Bruce and Olive Bootes, hence our distinctive name - which we understand is also an Indigenous term for waterhole, oasis or meeting place.

Will Koorong ever open on Sundays?

In the future we may open some stores on Sundays, in areas where this would be beneficial to our customers. Our customers' shopping patterns have changed, as in other countries, with more people choosing to shop on a Sunday. However we are mindful of the need for our staff to be able to go to church, so would be careful to roster staff on at times that still enabled them to attend their church.

Why does postage cost so much?

Koorong offers customers the lowest possible postage rate, which is economical and good value. In fact when the costs of postage, insurance, labour and packaging are added up in processing an order, Koorong actually subsidises some of the cost.

What is Koorong doing to reduce plastic bag usage?

Koorong has voluntarily committed to the principles of the Australian Retailers Association Code of Practice for the Management of Plastic Bags. This code is a retail industry initiative in partnership with Clean Up Australia to educate consumers and retailers and promote efficient bag use. We ask customers if they require a bag, and promote alternatives such as re-usable bags and boxes. We also train staff on efficient plastic bag usage & recycling, and educate & inform customers to reduce demand for plastic bags.

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