Ethics & Practice
  • Updated on 15 Apr 2020
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Ethics & Practice

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Koorong Ethics

Koorong Management and Staff operate business on the foundation of our company’s mission: “We equip and inspire people on their personal journey with Jesus by offering the largest range of Bible and Christian resources in the world with locations in shopping malls, churches, online or wherever needed.”

Bible Society Australia, a not-for-profit charity, acquired Koorong in July 2015. All revenue supports the ongoing ministries of Koorong, resourcing individual Christians, churches, and organisations, as well as Bible Society Australia’s extensive work of Bible translation, distribution, and promotion, both locally and internationally.

Establishment of Koorong Stores

Koorong does not currently operate on a franchise basis. The management of Koorong feel that in order for a franchising operation to run smoothly, Koorong would need to provide franchisees with a complete package of our computer system tools and a franchise manager. These systems are crucial for stores to provide the level of customer service expected from a Koorong store. At this stage we have not been able to package these systems in a form that would be practical for a franchisee to use. If at a later date Koorong is able to provide franchises, this information will be added to our website.

In order for a Koorong store to be viable, an area or region must have 100,000 people or more. The reason why Koorong establishes new stores in certain areas is largely driven by customer demand. Often Koorong will already be taking large amounts of mail orders in that area, and are responding to customer requests that we build a store near them. However, we are continuing to improve our website so that we can also effectively service those customers who live outside a region with a Koorong store.

Product Content Queries

Koorong’s decisions on what products to stock are always guided by our mission statement. We will only stock a product if we believe it “will be of spiritual benefit to the body of Christ.” Koorong stocks over 100,000 items, so it would be impossible to read all the books we stock before ordering them. However, we rely on the integrity of the publishers we use, most of which are members of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA). As members of this association, the publishers affirm and uphold a statement of faith that is essentially identical to that of the US-based National Association of Evangelicals. If a publisher is not a member of the ECPA, we screen their products more carefully before stocking them. Koorong aims to carry a broad range of opinions to stimulate thought and debate.

Koorong is keen to hear any complaints or feedback regarding the products we stock. The best course of action is to put your concerns in writing. You can email us your concerns and your email will be forwarded to the appropriate buyer. Alternatively, our store or phone staff would be happy to pass on your concerns.

Our Call Centre

Koorong’s call centre is primarily operated from our support office at West Ryde, as well as from our stores in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Our aim to keep our prices as low as possible has prevented us from establishing an 1800 or 1300 number. If you have an enquiry you can also click on the Live Help Online button at the top of every web page and we’ll attend to you straight away, or you can contact us by email.

Environmental Action

Koorong is committed to the reduction of usage of plastic bags, and would like to encourage our customers to join with us in this important initiative. Excessive plastic bag usage results in tonnes of unnecessary landfill each year, and poorly discarded bags can cause additional hazards to wildlife. If we are able to significantly reduce the number of bags used and encourage smart usage and disposal, we can help protect the environment. Koorong has voluntarily committed to the principles of the Australian Retailers Association Code of Practice for the Management of Plastic Bags. This code is a retail industry initiative in partnership with Clean Up Australia to educate consumers and retailers and promote efficient bag use.

At Koorong we ask customers if they require a bag, and promote alternatives such as re-usable bags and boxes. We also train staff on efficient plastic bag usage & recycling, and educate & inform customers to reduce demand for plastic bags.

When shopping at Koorong, we encourage you to:

  • Refuse to take a plastic bag for small orders unless you need one or purchase a re-usable Koorong Shopping bag.
  • Reduce the number of bags you take & accept more items per bag. For larger orders, we may be able to supply you with a box instead of plastic bags.
  • Re-use plastic bags again the next time you are shopping or at home (eg. as bin liners)

Thank you for your help in reducing plastic bag waste and it’s impact on the environment.

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