eAudio Books FAQ
  • 25 Jan 2019
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eAudio Books FAQ

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What is an eAudio Book?

An eAudio Book is a spoken word audio book that is available in digital format, for direct download, rather than on a CD or DVD disc.

What is an MP3 file?

An MP3 file is a digital audio file that can be played on almost all devices supporting playback of digital audio.

What is an M4B file?

An M4B is a digital audio book file; it is the industry standard for audio books, providing chapter and image information as well as the audio content. M4B files will automatically download into your iTunes Audio Book Library, as well as open in some other media players.

What is a ZIP file?

A ZIP is a collection of files that are grouped together and compressed (reduced in file size) into a single file, allowing for a more convenient download.

Do Koorong eAudio Books have DRM (Digital Rights Management)?

Koorong eAudio Books are DRM free. They are subject to copyright and terms of use. Please see Koorong eAudio Books Terms of Use.

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