Delivery Times & Shipping Rates
  • 04 Dec 2022
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Delivery Times & Shipping Rates

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Please note that delivery times are provided as an indication only for orders where all items are available at the time of order. Unexpected delays from our mail carriers may affect the times stated here.

WA delivery delays due to rail network disruptions.
Parcel Post items sent to Western Australia from the east coast of Australia may take up to an additional 2 weeks to be delivered due to closure of the Sydney-to-Perth rail line. The Express Post service is not affected by the rail network disruptions. Please consider shopping in-store or ordering via Express Post to have the best chance of receiving your items on time. Please note that as more customers opt to use the Express Post service, there may be a two-day delivery delay. Learn more from Australia Post.

Online Orders: Standard Australian Delivery & Shipping

Order Value (Online Orders) Regular Shipping Express Shipping
Greeting Cards Only (Single Cards) $2.49 Add $4.99 per 4kg*
Calculated for you at checkout.
Single-item Orders Under $99 $3.49
Orders Under $45 $6.99
Orders $45 - $98.99 $9.99
Orders $99 & Over Free

Delivery times (by area) Regular Shipping Express Shipping
Sydney / Brisb / Melb / Perth / Adel / Canb Metro
(coast to coast may take longer)
2-5 working days 1-3 working days**
Order placed before 2pm AEDST
All other destinations
(exc NT, North-West WA, Christmas & Keeling Islands or overseas)
3-7 working days

Key Delivery Information

  • At Koorong, we charge only one delivery fee for any regular postage order, even if that order is filled in more than one shipment.
  • Backorders of temporarily unavailable items on your initial order will not be charged any additional delivery fee when they are sent
  • We calculate postage according to the total value of items supplied from your order.
  • We ship orders direct from all of our stores. You may receive multiple deliveries in order to fulfil your order as quickly as possible.
  • Ticket sales up to the value of $15.00 will incur a $1.00 postage and handling fee. Ticket sales of greater value than $15.00 will be sent by registered mail at a cost of $3.95.

Express Shipping

Express shipping is available to most areas within Australia. We are unable to offer the service to the Northern Territory, North-West Western Australia, Christmas and Keeling Islands, or to orders shipped outside Australia.

*Out of stock items (including pre-orders) or items sent from multiple stores will affect the express shipping option. Only the first part of your order will be sent express; items on backorder will be sent out post-free as they are made available but not express shipped.

Make sure that the total stock quantity you require is at one store to ensure your order is not delayed. It may be worth placing a phone call to the store to double check indicated stock numbers.

If you wish to have items express shipped from multiple locations, due to your required quantity, please contact our Customer Service Team by telephone to ensure we can organise this for you. Each separate order will incur its own express shipping charge of $4.99 per package.

**Orders placed before 1pm AEST will receive priority processing and will usually arrive within 1 to 3 working days of the order being shipped, providing that the item is in stock and in one store location. Stock figures displayed on accurately represent our online store availability. When availability is below 5, stock levels can sell quickly and may not be available to fill your order.

International Delivery & Shipping

Order Value
(Online Orders)
NZ Shipping All Other Countries
Orders Under $30 $8.99
We are unable to process
orders for international
deliveries due to ongoing
freight issues related to
COVID-19. Please contact
our call centre for assistance.
Orders $30 - $61 $10.49
Orders Over $61 $12.49
Orders $125 & Over Free
Delivery times (by area) Overseas Shipping
New Zealand 7-21 working days

All products shipped outside Australia and New Zealand are GST exempt. You may need to take this into account when totaling your order. Express Shipping is not available for orders shipped outside Australia. For international deliveries we will only charge postage on items that are shipped, including the minimum shipping fee. Subsequent shipping of backordered products will be charged at the standard international delivery rate; however, no minimum fee will be applied to these shipments.

Mail, Phone, Fax & Email Orders: Standard Australian Delivery & Shipping

Please see delivery times in the table above. Shipping rates are listed below.

Order Value (Mail, Phone, Fax & Email Orders) Regular Shipping Express Shipping
Orders Under $30 $8.99 Add $4.99 per 4kg
Orders $30 - $61 $10.49
Orders Over $61 $12.49

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