Customer Reviews
  • 12 Aug 2019
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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

We love to hear what you think of the products available on Your reviews help other customers who may be interested in specific products, and Koorong Members can earn Reward Points for each approved review. When your written review is published on our website, or used in our social media channels, Members will earn 75 Koorong Reward Points.* Within a month of achieving 300 Koorong Reward Points you will receive a $10 Koorong Reward Coupon. A limit of 300 Koorong Reward Points can be earned during any calendar month by submitting written reviews. Reward Points are only given for approved reviews that conform to the Review Guidelines below.

*Reward Points are part of the Koorong Membership Program. All customers can submit reviews but only Members earn points.
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Customer Review Guidelines

Reviews should focus on why you like or dislike a product, giving specific information that will benefit readers interested in the product. Fairness and respect for the author/creator is requested, even if you dislike the product.

Please do not include:

  • Obscene language or defamatory remarks
  • Comments on other reviews or reviewers
  • Information that spoils the ending of books/DVDs for other customers
  • Time-sensitive material, such as tour dates, lecture dates etc.
  • Phone numbers, residential/postal addresses, email addresses, or URLS.
  • A misleading display name that impersonates any other person or entity.
  • Any information about ordering products from an alternative source, including price comparisons or availability.
  • One-word reviews - please make a genuine attempt to explain why you liked or disliked the product.
  • Any complaints or feedback that does not relate to the product being reviewed.
  • Any content that contains viruses or other computer programming routines that may damage or interfere with data or personal information on the Koorong site.
  • Any information that is plagiarised from other sources, or reviews that are not your own original work or have previously been published elsewhere, without written permission to use this content on the Koorong site.

Note that it is illegal to submit content that is copyrighted or was not written by you (without the express consent of the author). Koorong will not take responsibility for any such unauthorised content, and the user may be personally liable for any damages.

Written Reviews:

  1. Select the product you wish to review.
  2. On the product page click "Review This Product".
  3. Accept the Terms of Use.
  4. Write your review (50-1500 characters), preview and submit

Terms Of Use

Reviews will be screened for any inappropriate content and may be edited. Koorong reserves the right not to post a review if it does not comply with these guidelines, and to remove any review without notice. Koorong takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for any content posted by you or any third party.

By accepting these guidelines, you give Koorong permission to publish your review and your display name on their website and social media channels.

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