Beginners Guide
  • Updated on 13 Feb 2019
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Beginners Guide

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  • Share is a great place to access the best in Christian eBooks. There is a growing selection available from all our product categories, including new releases and bestsellers - all at great prices. Simply Shop, Buy, Download, and Read, all within a few minutes!

What You’ll Need

To start reading Koorong eBooks you will need a Koorong Membership Account with a password set so that you can log in to your account online (you can set/update your password here).

You will also need access to a compatible device to read your purchases from. Compatible devices include iPad/iPhone and Android devices using the free Koorong Reader App, Desktop/laptop computer (PC and MAC), dedicated reading device such as a Kobo, Nook or Sony eReader. Please visit our Device Advice page for more info on your device.

These devices require a valid Adobe ID to access eBooks due to DRM. Click here to create an Adobe ID. Your Adobe ID will allow you to read copyright protected eBooks. Once you have created your Adobe ID you will need to enter that ID in Adobe Digital Editions (for a desktop or laptop) or your Adobe DRM com patible reading app. If you plan to read your eBook on multiple devices it is important that all those devices are using the same Adobe ID.

Although there are few things to organize before your first eBook purchase (like an Adobe ID and Adobe Digital Editions), these only have to be completed once and any subsequent purchases will be easy and fast!

Buy, Download & Read

Search or browse our catalogue of eBooks using the eBooks tab on the homepage. Add eBooks to your basket as you would any other product. After you proceed to the checkout and finalise your order your eBook purchases will be instantly available via the Koorong Reader app. Your eBooks will also be available for download to other apps and devices from your eBook Library linked to your Koorong Membership. Your eBooks will be available to read anytime on your computer, mobile, or eReader.

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